blownforgood will be on Coast to Coast AM radio show tonight

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blownforgood will be on Coast to Coast AM radio show tonight

Post  ChefXenu on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:54 pm

blownforgood wrote:
I will be on the Coast to Coast AM radio show this Saturday from 11PM-2AM to talk about the new BFG book.

You can listen live on the net or tune into one of the over 500 radio stations that will be airing the show across North America.

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Ian Punnett is doing the show and it is the Saturday show - not the weekly show. Ian has the book. That is why they want to do the show. The show is the largest show in the US at night. With a listener base of 3 million people - that is 3 million more people that will have a lot more information then they have right now. I don't think there any reason NOT to do the show.

We do have a LOT of other media shows lined up and this is just one of the radio shows lined up.

Until next time...

(Eastern 2 A.M. , Central 1 A.M. , Mountian 12 A.M.)

Columbus affiliate:
There will be a list of affiliate station links where most will have a "listen live" facility.

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