Finally real reporting on the cult in the US

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Finally real reporting on the cult in the US Empty Finally real reporting on the cult in the US

Post  Whanonstler on Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:07 pm

Reporter Baca is a pretty cool guy, eh makes Tommy Davis admit to Xenu and doesn't afraid of cults

Your days are numbered, vile cult

Since our News Channel 3 investigation into the Church of Scientology began, nearly a dozen former church members came forward to tell us their accounts of what happens inside the church's world headquarters in Hemet. Jeff Hawkins was the first. He is the church's former marketing director.

Hawkins explained the Scientology faithful, "It's a combination of fear and faith. Because anybody who is in Scientology is there because they believe. It's a very fundamentalist sort of cult. They believe the teachings of Scientology are the only way to spiritual salvation. So they feel they need to tow the line or they will not be saved spiritually."

But if things are so bad inside church headquarters, why don't people just leave?

"Technically, they can get up and they can leave and nobody can legally stop them, but you don't know that. And you are kept under watch by security people 24 hours a day. The entrances are all guarded. Nobody is allowed to leave," said Hawkins.

One 2005 police report obtained by News Channel 3 describes an incident in which a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy responded to reports of people driving by Scientology headquarters witnessing several men fighting.

The deputy met Marc Headley who claimed he wanted to leave the church and claimed the guards prevented him. The guards claimed they were just concerned for Headley.

Headley was escorted to a nearby U-Haul center. One of the guards followed the deputy. The deputy warned the guard to back off.

Headley is now suing for years of back pay.

The Church of Scientology has its own intelligence department. It's part of the Sea Organization. It's called the Office of Special Affairs.

Documents show how they use the church's e-meters to question those suspected of wanting to leave the Hemet headquarters.

Hawkins continued, "I received what was called security checks, where they go on and on, 'What have you done? What have you done? What are your crimes? What are your crimes? And, I had this for weeks, 6 weeks, every day, 'What are your crimes? What are your crimes? What have you done? What have you done? They try to guilt you into backing off."

Hawkins finished by saying, "People ask me why did I stay so long? The fact of the matter is, in order to leave, I had to leave all my friends, I had to leave my wife, I had to leave my job, I had to leave my religion, I had to leave my entire life as I had known it for the past 30 years and go out into a world I had been told was hostile and dangerous because that's what they tell you inside. With no money, no job, no house, no friends, go to a strange city and just start my life anew at 58."

We continue our investigation into the war between Scientology and Anonymous next week. Keep coming to for more updates on when our next segment airs.

We have learned that KATU-TV story in Portland, Oregon will air their investigation next week as well.

We have still received hundreds of email news tips from both sides of this conflict. Those who wish to comment publically to KESQ about our coverage can email Newsline3. Those emails may be archived online in KESQ's public file as written.

Any emails sent directly to me at will remain private upon request.

Message to Durable Slate, Scientology

The above is just to let google see it. If you want, spread it around to keep the video on the front page of Google!

Dear Scientologists: your cult is made up of chumps and criminals. Which are you?
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Finally real reporting on the cult in the US Empty Re: Finally real reporting on the cult in the US

Post  ChefXenu on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:13 am

Hehe, numbered days indeed. With spokesthetans like Tommy Davis, who needs SPs?

My favorite part is still where Tommy Davis clearly explains for any Christian, Muslim, and Jewish viewers how Scientology is COMPLETELY incompatible with their religions:

Tommy Davis (official spokesperson for the Church of Scientology): "Now, in terms of what do Scientologists believe in terms of, uh, I think, what was your question?"

Nathan Baca: "The "Genesis" story."

Tommy Davis (official spokesperson for the Church of Scientology): "The "Genesis," sure the "Genesis" story. The fundamental belief in Scientology is that is man, or the individual, is an immortal spiritual being. Like, you are immortal spiritual being, you don't, you don't have a soul, you don't have a spirit, you are an immortal spiritual being. You're not your your body. So you lived before and you'll live again. And its a religious belief that's, um, that really goes back to the, the, the oldest and most ancient religious beliefs of, of our civilization, going back to India and Asia and the origins of much of modern religion in that uh, that belief in past lives, that belief that one has lived before and one will live again through the endless track of time."

Tommy Davis agrees! Reincarnation is fundamental to Scientology.

Unfortunate for Corporation of Scientology claims that they are compatible with other main-stream religions in America and elsewhere, is the fact that reincarnation is antithetical to the religious traditions which trace their lineage back to Abraham (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

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