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To quote Beavis, "Damn your smooth. Heh. heheh. heheheheheheheh."

Great article. Would read again 10/10

Scientology is one of the few religions I know of which promises to bestow on its followers what are commonly referred to by comic book readers as well as television and movie fans, superpowers. The Scientologists actually call them "super powers" too, just google "super power building" or "super power rundown" for some interesting reading.

So here it is, for your enjoyment, my seven favorite scientology super-powers. (Please bear in mind that according to Church of Scientology Religious Services Enrollment Application section 2c you can't take anything LRH said seriously.)

$cientology super-power #1 - A Scientologist can make you feel hot:
“When a thetan discharges energy, another person may feel hot.”
Scientology 8-80 page 110

$cientology super-power #2 - A Scientologist can heal himself or others:
“Healing at a glance is done by a thetan, not interiorized, making perfect duplicates of the illness of a body without perfectly duplicating the body itself.”
The Creation of Human Ability page 136

“The thetan can clean up and heal his own body and those of others at will.”
Scientology 8-80 page 111

$cientology super-power #3 - A Scientologist can convince inanimate objects not to get stolen:
“Operating Thetan should be able to fix and unfix ideas in energy, i.e., to be able to fix into a car an idea that “it can’t be stolen,” and it won’t be.”
The Creation of Human Ability page 376

$cientology super-power #4 - A Scientologist can make you see illusions, and move objects with his mind:
“The state of Cleared Theta Clear is, however, another thing. For it means a person who is able to create his own universe or, living in the MEST universe, is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will, to handle MEST universe objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of bodies or even the MEST universe to keep himself and his friends interested in existence.”
Scientology 8-8008 page 175

“After a very large amount of auditing, even as much as fifty hours (when the preclear has regained his ability to create, with considerable solidity, his own illusions), it will be found that the preclear can at will perceive the MEST universe and can do so with accuracy. He can further (without the aid of a body) move objects, heal at a distance and do a thousand other “interesting tricks” which could very well be viewed with considerable awe. For they have not been seen on earth in recorded history, but have lived in legend.”
Scientology 8-8008 page 170

“An Operating Thetan, then, is one who can handle things without having to use a body of physical means. “Poltergeist” is a learned term for only one of the phenomena of this state.”
Scientology 0-8 page 425

$cientology super-power #5 - A Scientologist can control other bodies:
“…the awareness of awareness unit can control or even make physical bodies…”
Dianetics 55! page 50

$cientology super-power #6 - A Scientologist can create a measurable flow of energy at a distance:
“It goes further and demonstrates that the awareness of awareness unit can bring about, without further contact, an energy flow in a body at a distance. This is a very startling demonstration, and is one of the more significant electrical discoveries of recent times. The conditions of the experiment are sufficiently rigorous to dispel any doubt, in the mind of a physicist, concerning the authenticity of the current.”
Dianetics 55! page 28

$cientology super-power #7 - A Scientologist is bulletproof:
“…one might go so far as to say that a bullet's arrival is a heavy sort of hypnotism. The individual receiving a bullet does not outflow a bullet and thus he is injured. If he could outflow a bullet immediately after receiving a bullet, we could introduce the interesting question: "Would he be wounded?" According to our rule he would not be. Indeed, if he were in perfect communication with his environment, he could not even receive a bullet injuriously…”
Dianetics 55! page 105

Hubbard, L. Ron. Scientology 8-80: The Discovery & Increase of Life Energy in the Genus Homo Sapiens. Los Angeles, CA. Bridge Publications, Inc. 2007.
Hubbard, L. Ron. The Creation of Human Ability: A Handbook for Scientologists. Los Angeles, CA. Bridge Publications, Inc. 2007.
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Dear Scientologists: your cult is made up of chumps and criminals. Which are you?
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