Why are they dead? is back at whyaretheydead.info

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Why are they dead? is back at whyaretheydead.info Empty Why are they dead? is back at whyaretheydead.info

Post  Whanonstler on Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:36 pm

Scientology in their usual scummy manner jumped on the lapsed domain whyaretheydead.net which has a whle listing of people who died directly or indirectly at the hands of scientology and its cult members.

Well fuck you OSA, because everything is back at http://whyaretheydead.info

We will not forget Lisa McPherson whom you murdered and tried to cover up... nor will we forget

Heribert Pfaff
Josephus Havenith
The unknown RPF (gulag prisoner) found in the boiler room
Noah Lottic
Stacy Meyer (daughter of scifag attorney Moxon who did not care that his daughter died)
Susan Meister
Gabriella Bramucci
Quentin Hubbard, son of L Ron himself

and many, many, many others who are true victims of this Death Cult that is Scientology.

Message to Durable Slate, Scientology

The above is just to let google see it. If you want, spread it around to keep the video on the front page of Google!

Dear Scientologists: your cult is made up of chumps and criminals. Which are you?
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