Las Vegas Anon arrested - typical Scientology bomb threat frame up a la Paulette Cooper

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Las Vegas Anon arrested - typical Scientology bomb threat frame up a la Paulette Cooper Empty Las Vegas Anon arrested - typical Scientology bomb threat frame up a la Paulette Cooper

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avbb wrote:Updates:

  • LV anons visit Cameranonymous' home to get search warrant, and visit Cameranonymous in lockup
  • Report from bail hearing. Bail has been set. Formal charges expected on the 23rd. Documents being prepared for publication shortly.
  • Seach warrant gets posted (see following posts for analysis and reactions

original post follows
This is Las Vegas Anonymous.

One of our anons "Cameranonymous" was arrested by Metro SWAT on the night of October 15th, at roughly 11pm. He was expected for a meetup the next morning, and when he didn't show up a couple of Anons ventured to his house. He didn't answer, and a glance through the windows showed the house had been ransacked. The police were informed, but called back in a short time to inform us that Cameranonymous had been arrested and was being detained.

He is being held on charges of "Act of Terrorism" and "Bomb/Explosive Threat". Attempts to bail him out have failed, as bail has only been set for the bomb threat charge. Bail for Act of Terrorism is listed as $0 at this time. It is presumable that because of the weekend he has not been before the judge to set bail for that charge.

A search and seizure warrant for Cameranonymous was found that lists Kenneth Moxon, and a Scientologist that Cameranonymous worked with at his previous job, Alex Jiminez, as those accusing Cameranonymous of these charges. Cameranonymous' handle was connected with his IRL name by this Alex Jiminez, who claims to have identified him by matching a video on youtube in which Cameranonymous was filmed being cited for jaywalking, with pictures of his cameras and clothing from protests in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and by having seen him in person protesting outside our local Org.

Confiscated in Cameranonymous' house were items including some of his PCs, his firearms, and his ammunition and other items. Anons have visited him in jail and an attorney has been aqcuired.

The evidence that was written in the application for the search warrant by the LVMPD Anti-Terrorist Unit Officer includes standard "Anonymous is a terrorist/extremist group" propaganda from Moxon, along with altered quotes from the Las Vegas Anonymous message board.

These quotes were in reference to meetups for the purpose of legal target shooting by some LVAnons who are target shooting enthusiasts. Added to these quotations in the application for the warrant were references to explosives that were never in the original posts. Also these quotations were taken out of the context of the threads to imply that Cameranonymous was trying to incite terrorist violence against the Org and the Scientologists within.

For instance quotes about meeting up at a predetermined location to shoot at targets, usually followed by astronomy sessions and star photography, such as "let's go blow shit up" - which were specifically in the context of going into a desert location which is outside of the city limits in which both of our local Orgs resides (by many miles) were altered in the application for search warrant to say "let's go blow shit up with guns and explosives, and then raid the fuck out of the local org."

Explosives were never mentioned in the original posts in any way. "Let's go blow shit up," has always specifically refered to the destruction of targets such as a porcelain commode, watermelons, jugs of water and similar, specifically by the use of legally purchased, registered, and carried firearms - NEVER EXPLOSIVES. This is a hobby of certain local anons, which we meet up to do IRL. Other hobbies carried out in this way include Astronomy, LAN parties, Cross-stitch, etc.

Postings of Cameranonymous were monitored, and he was under IRL surveillance in the time leading up to his arrest, per the application for the warrant by police, and a private investigator by the name of "Taco Prins" from Advantage Group who had been conducting an investigation into Anonymous activities in Las Vegas NV. This private investigator had contacted Henderson Defense Industries (HDI) in reference to firearms recently purchased by Cameranonymous. HDI divulged information about Cameranonymous' recent purchases, as well as the fact that Cameranonymous had mentioned his acts of protest against Church of Scientology in Las Vegas.

Information from these parties were included in the application for warrant by Las Vegas Police, among other various information.

Cameranonymous is an upstanding and law abiding individual. He is an AVID hobbyist. Be it Photography, automobiles, motorcycles, computers or firearms, he is a collector first and foremost. He indeed did purchase a number of firearms in a short few months. He also purchased large ammounts of ammo for those weapons, purchased in bulk in an effort to save money, as he intended target shooting and marksmanship to be a long-term pursuit.

He also purchases large amounts of cameras and photography equipment, and large amounts of computer equipment in a short period of time. This is how he pursues his hobbies. He makes a large up front investment on particular and well researched items.

He was devoted to using these legally purchased firearms safely and legally for recreational purposes. At no time has he EVER mentioned explosives, or the use of his firearms against any human being or building or organization.

As has been said, he has been arrested and is being held by police at this time. More information is forthcoming as it is recieved and approved for release by LVANON.


Cameranonymous legal defense fund paypal account

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Digg: Scientology lawyers get SWAT to arrest protester
Reddit: Scientology sends SWAT to protester/gun collector in Las Vegas :

Here are some posts and links that helps to put this into ccontext:

Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Snow White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kendrick Moxon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Originally Posted by Anonymous
To Anons and anyone else reading this thread...

As you may remember, an alleged bomb threat was allegedly phoned into the Kansas City org almost two months ago.

The FBI Domestic Terrorism division located in Kansas City investigated the complaint, spoke with/visited some KC Anons and Anons from other locales, and, as a result of their investigation, closed the case with no arrests.

Be advised that the Kansas City FBI agent(s) who participated in that situation has/have been notified by Anon(s) of the LV situation/arrest.

Best wishes to the entire Las Vegas cell!


Originally Posted by stuwyatt
To those who are unaware (especially the many guests now reading this thread), the cult produced a youtube video pretending to be anonymous, and in the video it threatened that Scienttology orgs would be blown up and leading Scientologists targeted and killed.

Shortly afterwards, the cult produced a DVD about Anonymous which included footage of the youtube video. The only problem was that the DVD contained footage of a higher-quality than the compressed youtube video - proving that they produced their DVD using a master of the bomb threat footage - proving that it was them in the first place who made the bomb threat video.

The cult has a long history of getting people arrested for shit like this. I am just amazed that they are trying the same tactics in today's age of the internet and chanology....
Originally Posted by Vir
It's not definite proof, because there are other possible explanations for it, but it would certainly warrant further investigation.

Here's a video comparison of the DVD version and the YouTube version that was uploaded and taken down quickly:
YouTube - Operation Freakout: The CoS Bomb Threat Proof

Note again that it is not conclusive, but very suspicious.

Originally Posted by stuwyatt
This is a CBS report from 20 years ago which explains the cults bomb threat set-up against Paulette Cooper (a leading critic of Scientology) which got her arrested on domestic terrorism charges.

YouTube - CBS Scientology Paulette Cooper Operation Freakout Part 1

They actually broke into her home, stole her headed notepaper, and mailed themselves a bomb-threat!

Or a text writeup is here - Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The cult has a long history of pulling stunts like this.

Originally Posted by Sponge
Note to Las Vegas law enforcement reading this thread: The following is an example of how fucking outrageously nuts the organisation is who is using you as your "personal army" ........

Originally Posted by Sandy Smith, BBC Editor
I'm now dealing with a situation in which the Church of Scientology has released a video to all MPs and peers accusing Panorama, of staging a demonstration outside one of their offices in London and making a death threat - or as they call it, a terrorist death threat - against Scientologists. The BBC, accused of terrorism.

- Sandy Smith, BBC Editor on the documentary series Panorama: "Scientology & Me" episode

BBC - The Editors: Investigating Scientology
YouTube - Panorama - Scientology and Me - Editor's View - BBC One

... update from post #486 ....
tl;dr thread summary post
The OP has all you need really.

The rest of the thread is people complaining that there aren't dox yet, and complaining that the mods won't let them post funny gun violence jokes, and some egofaggotry that got moved to the dome. That should cover most of it.

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Las Vegas Anon arrested - typical Scientology bomb threat frame up a la Paulette Cooper Empty Re: Las Vegas Anon arrested - typical Scientology bomb threat frame up a la Paulette Cooper

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I hope this back fires on Scientology, hard.
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