Scientologist assaults Anon down under

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Scientologist assaults Anon down under Empty Scientologist assaults Anon down under

Post  ChefXenu on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:49 am

copypasta from the thread Assaults! Sydney - 16th January, 2010 on WWP.

sock wrote:Sydney has been kicking arse lately and hopes to continue this trend at the upcoming raid this Saturday, January 16th starting at 2pm. The later start time is due to the Scientology IAS event conveniently being held on the same day.

If you have been considering attending a Sydney protest, try to make it to this one, as protesting events tends to result in more enturbulation and hilarity than the regular monthly raids.

Check out the planning thread at ASYD.ORG for more info.

Scientologist assaults Anon down under BelmoreParkNov-1



Frequently Updated CONFIRMED Known-info Electronic Resource

tl;dr Scientology Rev. Mark Hanna sexually assaulted a protester & stole the camera of another protestor during the Jan 16th protest.

Scientologist assaults Anon down under Sydanonhannakiss2

The event:
* At Jan. 16th 2010 protest
* "Mark Hannah approaches myself [tampex] and another Anon while I'm taking a break a little ways up from the Org. Asks me if I know Aaron (specifies Aaron's other surname, rather then Saxton) and so I inform him Aaron has gone around the corner to get a bite to eat but should be back shortly. And then I ask him if I can pass on a message. To that he says:"No. It's none of your fucking business."
As he walks away I'm already dragging my camera out and walking behind him. He stops at a group of Anons further down, says something out of my earshot and then starts walking away. Then he turns around, his hands visibly shaking, opens his wallet and shows it to myself and a Exscn (Kookaburra) saying "You make sure you tell Aaron what it says on this card" (his lawyer business card) which he then gave to Kookaburra.

"Tell Aaron Saxton I'm looking for him and want to talk to him personally."

Then I (Tamphex) look down the road and see Aaron walking up the road; as does he. So thinking this is the individual who is going to be delivering the restraining order, I start after him again. Then I notice he's now marching straight at Aaron with clinched fists. I turn around and scream for /b/ackup, yelling "Cameras! Cameras to me!" All the anons with cameras start to follow.

Then, he flips the fuck out."

* See video(s)
* Rev. Mark Hanna grabbed an Anon & attempted to kiss him
* He was then restrained by Tampex
* Rev. Mark Hanna stole an anon's camera/iphone
Scientologist assaults Anon down under Snatchn
* It has been ALLEGED that Rev. Mark Hanna spit on a protester BUT NO DETAILS OR VIDEO EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PROVIDED ON THIS.

* First camera phone:
YouTube- Husband of Scientology's Australian President Assaults Protesters
* Second camera, similar angle, longer :
SydneyAnon - 17-1-10 - SCIENTOLOGIST LOOSES IT, PTS TYPE III on Vimeo

* Lawyer card given to Kookaburra:
Scientologist assaults Anon down under Img0008yz

Scientologist assaults Anon down under Img0010kv

* David Lardner Lawfirm website listed on Rev. Mark Hanna's card: David Lardner Lawyers

Info on Reverend Mark Hanna

Scientologist assaults Anon down under Markhanna100

* ACT Law Society He's a restricted practitioner. Being a restricted practitioner means you are a lawyer, but you must practise under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. This is normal for a brand new lawyer.
* Ex-spouse of Vicki Dunstan (pic), who is the current President of the Church of Scientology in Australia.
* He is the former President of the COS in Australia (per Carmel Underwood)
* Profile: ABC The Drum Unleashed - Mark Hanna (Feb 19, 2008)
* * Final year law student at University of Sydney (Feb 19, 2008)
* * WAS a committee member of the NSW Council of Civil Liberties in 2005
* * Member of international Commission of Jurists and Avocats Sans Frontières.
* * Trustee of the Australian Church for more than ten years
* * Asian/Pacific Public Affairs Director until 1997
* 2003, This site dated 2003 lists Rev. Mark Hanna several times as a Trustee and President of Church of Scientology, Inc Buttersquash Ranch: List of Trustees, Directors & Officers

Old Publications:
* ABC The Drum Unleashed - Scientology on psychiatry (Feb 20, 2008)
* Mark and the Sea Orgs Weekend Australian, 24-25 Nov 1984: Mark and the Sea Orgs (Nov 1984)
* Children of Apollo Weekend Australian (1984) 1984 Children of Apollo Weekend Australian 2.pdf
* Scientologists rally against Council report Advertiser (Adelaide), Thu 17 Oct 1985: Scientologists rally against Council report (Oct 17, 1985)

Alleged Prior Dirty work:
* NOTs in Australia
* * Death threat: "You have been in the presence of Mark Hanna. He was the guy in dark sunnies at the Sydney demonstration who introduced the guy who made the death threat to me. Mark also told me that "these" guys will finish you (Tony). I took out a restraining order against the first person but the magistrate would not issue me with one against Mark."
* * "Mark also went to Tamworth in January 1995 (after the release of Lachlan from the Introspection Rundown incarceration at Gosford), under the assumed name "Neil Silk" posing as a journalist writing a story about my 28 years in the computer industry. He visited relatives and friends asking questions about me."

Miscellaneous oddities:

Threatened Aaron Saxton AVO (restraining order)
* Aaron was contacted by a local police station in regards to the AVO - and was informed there was an AVO out on him. He called back to the same number to confirm it was actually the police station, asked for the officer by name of whom he spoke with, who answered. Interestingly enough, Kookaburra visited the same station the morning before today (yesterdays) raid, requested to have it checked on Aaron's behalf.. lo and behold, no AVO on the system.

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