Kansas City - January 16, 2010: Anons' property ruined by unknown duo

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Kansas City - January 16, 2010: Anons' property ruined by unknown duo Empty Kansas City - January 16, 2010: Anons' property ruined by unknown duo

Post  ChefXenu on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:59 am

from the thread CHEMICAL ATTACK - Kansas City - January 16, 2010 on WWP.

anonsoulless wrote:READ CAREFULLY


1. We have no direct or concrete evidence that this attack was perpetrated by Scientologists, we have circumstantial evidence that leads us to believe that way. We know we can't prove anything, so asking for proof will not get you anywhere. I only have after-the-fact footage, and I am acutely aware that Scientologists are not the only crazy people who frequent the area (See my past raid video: YouTube- Kansas City Scientology building attracts annoying drunk people).

2. We are aware that we were not as vigilant as we ought to have been. Cameras were not rolling, we were not paying enough attention to pedestrians WE KNOW. LESSON LEARNED. IT WAS A HORRIBLE LESSON. TELLING US THIS WILL SERVE NO PURPOSE; JUST BE GLAD YOU WERE NOT THERE.

The Scene: Kansas City, across the street from the Scientology building.

Looking at Google street view will help with some ambiguous, and not all that important geography. 39th and Main Kansas City mo - Google Maps

Background information: the Kansas City org is a yellow limestone building situated a bit west of the intersection of 39th Street and Main street. Main street has significantly more traffic than 39th, so rather than stand directly across from the org we usually stand on the southwest corner, mostly along the Main Street curb in front of the red brick First Bank building. We usually set our raid stuff, fliers backpacks, extra signs, extra masks, boom boxes, etc., against the corner of the First Bank building. This is the Northeast corner of the building, IE the corner of the building directly behind us. The corner is actually rounded and this creates a great out of the way spot to put our stuff. There is probably 10-15 feet of sidewalk between the Curb where we stand and the building.

We were holding signs and raiding as per usual WHEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN somebody mentioned smelling something like cleaning chemicals, and somebody else smelled something like smoke. I was talking to a pedestrian when Never discovered the source of the odor. Our fliers and our signs and a bit of the wall of the First Bank building were covered in a liquid.

This liquid was the most foul smelling thing you can ever imagine. It smelled like oven cleaner, urine, bong water, skunk and garlic all at once.

It was THEN discovered that The Wizard had a patch on his back too and we all quickly did a spot check of everyone to determine our exposure. Thankfully for the rest of us, The Wizard was the only one who was directly hit.

Someone intentionally squirted a stink bomb chemical on one anon, all of our fliers, and the bag we had our extra signs in. We transplanted the signs to a new bag, but it is yet to be determined if any of them can be saved. The old bag, and the backpack full of 300-500 fliers, and the cloak from the wizard costume could not be saved and were thrown in the trash on the spot.

THE AFTERMATH: We stayed for another hour and a half to show that we could not be intimidated by chemical attacks and then left. After we got back to Anon's house everybody kept discovering new items that smelled. Masks, coats, pants, shoes, gloves, memory cards. At the very least we can only hope that Anon's car and Anon's brand new boombox were not affected. All of The Wizard's clothes smelled, and it is still unknown whether or not they have been ruined.

The facts that lead us to believe that this attack was perpetrated by a scientologist are:

1. Anon saw a pair of suspicious hooded middle aged white guys shortly before the smell surfaced and the consensus is that these were the culprits. If it were just a random neerdowell it would probably have been a younger person, and the overwhelming majority of the pedestrians in the area who are not Scientologists are not white. That said: nobody saw, or recorded the actual act of spraying.

2. Our fliers and signs were attacked. Scientology, obviously, has more to gain from destroying our protest gear than anyone. Most of the chemical was on the signs and fliers. If it was just a random miscreant he would have most likely directly sprayed more people than just The Wizard rather than waste it all on our things.

I will have youtube videos of the aftermath in a couple hours. Don't get your hopes up though; there isn't much to see.

TL;DR: Somebody sprayed anon with Jenkem and got away with it.

Edit: now with video

YouTube- Kansas City Anonymous - Attacked with a foul smelling substance while protesting Scientology

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