Text of the New Year Message to Columbus Scientology

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Text of the New Year Message to Columbus Scientology Empty Text of the New Year Message to Columbus Scientology

Post  Whanonstler on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:12 am

Hello, Leaders of Scientology, Public members of the cult, and those Scientologists systematically plundering Durable Slate. We are Anonymous.

It is a new year, and a year since your cult tried to silence several sites and people who were exercising their rights of Free Speech. A year since we saw how you have driven Tom Cruise into being a babbling, fanatical fool. It has been a year of growth, of learning, of the revelation of the truth of your crimes and abuses. It has been a good year, for Anonymous, the old guard, and the general public who are being innoculated against your cult.

For Scientology, it has not, however, been such a good year. For all those same reasons. And because of Anonymous; you expected us to go. You thought us bored children or professional placard carriers. You are only now seeing how wrong you are. We are everywhere. We fix your cars, we cook your meals, we direct your traffic, put out your fires. We are professionals and laborers.

When you put your worst possible spokesman, Tommy Davis on television you only aid our cause and bolster our claims because of how obvious his lies are. Your intricate web of lies is unravelling at an ever geometrically faster rate with every falsehood uncovered, every death, every revelation of the crimes and abuses of the Cult of Scientology.

In Columbus you have gathered the money necessary to purchase an ideal org. A building now owned by those above you. Now you must raise more funds to renovate it. Anonymous wonders why? Anonymous knows that you are trying to stiffen discipline in the org because you are losing control. Your grasp is weakening. You have less raw meat as shown by the lack of new 6 A. public. This is underscored by other information we have received from a source within, that you are also having trouble getting 6 B. public to continue on the bridge, of paying you more money. You are shrinking, you are failing. This is evident to Anonymous, and is more than acceptable.

Scientology is a cancer on freedom and on the body of Humanity. Your leaders do not pay their bills or personal taxes as can be found in the public record. Is this what they told you Scientology was about? Was this what they told you Scientology would make you? Think: are you really getting the wins that were promised you? The people from the Columbus Org who are blowing certainly know the truth. They know there are no such wins. There is only control and repression and the killing of your dignity as a Human Person.

Officers and other Scientologists of Durable Slate. Be aware:

On November fifth, 2008, plaintiffs filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court. The plaintiffs are current and former employees of the software company, Diskeeper. The allegations are unjust terminations and forced resignations as well as other lesser sanctions against more than fifty employees who refused to compromise their religious rights and give in to pressure to take Scientology courses. The main plaintiffs are not just rank and file employees, but are spearheaded by the former Chief Information Officer and Automation Planning Officer.

The charges are about the coercion of employees to take WISE and other admin tech courses which are patently meant to indoctrinate people into the cult, to groom them to join the tawdry pyramid scheme that is scientology. This is what is happening today at Durable Slate. Anonymous knows from ex and current employees that people are told that if they do not join they can expect to only go so far at Durable Slate. That is a violation of Civil Rights.

Anonymous is gathering more information on the management of Durable Slate and how those scientologists collude to diminish or ignore the Human and Civil rights of their employees, even while enriching the local cult. We shall be revealing those violations soon.

But Hubbard's criminal organization has never been big on civil rights. An example is happening right now in California where scientology is trying to ban people that are H.I.V. positive from protesting at their Gold Base. They have, in fact, unethically and possibly illegally revealed the status of two protestors in California, trying to intimidate and silence them by revealing they are H.I.V positive.

Add to this, the beating of an ex-scientologist in Cincinnati and all your other crimes and Anonymous wonders how you can live with yourselves. Can you? Can you look at all the cult of scientology does and really think it will better the planet, that it will better Humanity? If you run a doubt formula you will see that it simply does not match.

Anonymous is not going anywhere. If last year is any indication, it is the vicious, ugly, Life Hating cult of Scientology that is going away. And good riddance. Humanity looks forward to your destruction and the jailing of your criminal leaders and members.

Anonymous is at cause. Your tawdry, criminal cult is at effect.

People and knowledge are, and must be, free.

We are Anonymous. We are legion.

We do not forgive, we do not forget.

Expect us.

Message to Durable Slate, Scientology

The above is just to let google see it. If you want, spread it around to keep the video on the front page of Google!

Dear Scientologists: your cult is made up of chumps and criminals. Which are you?
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